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Since Ty’s passing, we have made it our mission to help and support other families with children undergoing cancer treatment.  We are creating a non-profit organization the Ty Barberine Foundation with the goal of providing gifts and financial assistance to critically ill children and their families. 
We are here to carry out and fulfill Ty’s mission and change the future through the Ty Barberine Foundation.  It is our goal to let other children with cancer see life through Ty’s eyes by donating his favorite items biannually to Children's Hospital - Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.  Some of Ty's favorites included video game systems, video games, iPods, iPads and hand held game systems.   We drew strength from Ty throughout his illness.  The Ty Barberine Foundation is a way to thank those that helped us by helping others and to keep Ty’s memory alive at the same time. 
We will also be raising awareness for childhood cancer by walking annually in the CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer under the team name Ty’s Troopers.  CureSearch Walk supports clinical trials conducted by 175 Children’s Oncology Group Member Hospitals in the United States.  Many of the top leading institutions are located right here in the Midwest.  These hospitals treat 90% of children diagnosed with cancer in the United States, and are helping to guarantee a cure for every child diagnosed with cancer.  In just over 40 years, supporters have helped increase the overall cure rate from 10% to 78%.  With your help we can move even closer to a 100% cure rate. 
The initial diagnosis of cancer is devastating to families.  It can leave them emotionally and financially exhausted.  As a soon to be non-profit organization, we solely depend on funding from the community and hope that you will help us to fulfill our mission.  Your donation will not only help the Ty Barberine Founation but you will also be helping team Ty’s Troopers reach their fundraising goal and make a difference to children and their families whose lives have been forever changed by cancer and for those yet to be diagnosed. 
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